Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Staples: Rice, Beans, & Greens

Cold weather = hot food at our house. That's why we had the winter standby last night:
brown rice

We stacked up steaming whole grain brown rice with protein packed azuki beans and topped it off with immunity boosting, mucus reducing, spirit lifting kale. Just for fun I added roasted sweet potatoes to the stack. Unbelievable! A wonderful, soothing, cold night meal.

The nice thing about this throw together stack is that I can add whatever I've got on hand (last night was sweet potatoes). Also, I don't have to spice it up. I just let everyone choose their own condiment to suit their personal taste. I usually offer soy sauce, a variety of vinegars, salt and pepper, salsa, or sour cream to season it up just right. Sometimes I'll whip up some guacamole to give it a little creamy healthy fat.

When you're looking for something warm and soothing on a cold night this winter, give this stack a try. It warms you from the inside out.